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The Education

Enhancement Project

 The Education Enhancement Project currently focuses on two areas in the classroom experience − Communication and Acceleration.  These enhancements are bedrock for consistent and increased high performance in the classroom.  Children who excel in communication skills and who are thoughtfully challenged, remain engaged and motivated to achieve at higher levels. Recent developments on the importance of early childhood education and college readiness, only help underscore other facets of the educational process that contribute to our children’s ability to maximize their classroom learning experiences. Through demographically sensitive designed programming, the Educational Enhancement Project is able to provide children with access to another exciting level of education with no monetary cost to their families.


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The Home Visiting Policy Network

The Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Act of 2010 moved the practice of parents reaching out for validation in providing their children with the best possible outcomes in life.  For years, parents seeking to refine their natural parenting skills have utilized the comradery of trained peers and professionals to successfully navigate the intricacies and challenges of rearing children − home visiting.  the Home Visiting Policy Network (HVPN) is an in-house commitment to ensure advocacy and practice in the home visiting field becomes even more robust in the immediate future. As a part of HVPN, our CEO, Diedra Henry- Spires, has been a convener of the Home Visiting Coalition, a member of the Home Visiting Summit Steering Committee, and travels the country speaking and educating about home visiting.


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 The Evangelistic Alliance

of Ministries

The Evangelistic Alliance of Ministries (TEAM) is comprised of leaders organized throughout all 50 states who are committed to promote sound Bible-based principles that will improve the lives of children, families, and communities.

 TEAM operates on the thought that “One Nation Under God” starts with federal and state policy makers being infused with perspectives reflective of the God of the sacred scriptures.  It is then and only then that those disenfranchised, disadvantaged, and most in need of liberty and justice can be considered by legislation and policy implementation.



Sibling children sitting by canyonBridging the Gaps

The Bridging the Gaps Initiative seeks to directly affront this rising tide in youth deaths.  This undertaking is specifically targeted at preserving the lives of the next generation through engaging in efforts to reduce all forms of child maltreatment but especially child abuse and neglect fatalities.

As well, we work to understand and combat youth runaway and homelessness, drug abuse (opioids, synthetics, etc.), child sex trafficking, and gun violence.  Through research, innovative policy and program development and outreach, we aim to discover and provide the missing pieces on our pathway to saving our youth.


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