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The Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Act of 2010 moved the practice of parents reaching out for validation in providing their children with the best possible outcomes in life.  For years, parents seeking to refine their natural parenting skills have utilized the comradery of trained peers and professionals to successfully navigate the intricacies and challenges of rearing children − home visiting.  DDG’s Home Visiting Action (DHVA) is an in-house commitment to ensure advocacy and practice in the home visiting field becomes even more robust in the immediate future. As a part of DHVA, our CEO, Diedra Henry- Spires, is a convener of the Home Visiting Coalition, a member of the Home Visiting Summit Steering Committee, and travels the country speaking and educating about home visiting.

As well, DHVA sponsors round-tables, meetings, briefings, and conferences to further the future of home visiting. Since the enactment of MIECHV, much attention has been given to the evidence associated with the practice of home visiting.  Evidence that home visiting is an effective tool for child abuse and neglect prevention, better educational outcomes, and other social and health advantages for our children are realized through home visiting. As the dialogue among lawmakers and outside stakeholders alike has increased, DDG has been and will remain at the forefront of the fight to increase the availability of home visiting to any parent wishing to experience its benefits.