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All of our children have the potential to achieve academic greatness. In the United States, we are fortunate enough to have an educational system that is the right of all its citizens.  Its importance continues to be hailed as the single most factor in the success of our children’s lives.  Whether speaking of preschool or college, we know that academic achievement is key to successfully navigating the world around us.  Recent developments on the importance of early childhood education and college readiness, only help underscore other facets of the educational process that contribute to our children’s ability to maximize their classroom learning experiences. We call these Enhancements.

 The Educational Enhancement Project currently focuses on two areas in the classroom experience − Communication and Acceleration.  These enhancements are bedrock for consistent and increased high performance in the classroom.  Children who excel in communication skills and who are thoughtfully challenged, remain engaged and motivated to achieve at higher levels.  Through demographically sensitive designed programming, the Educational Enhancement Project is able to provide children with access to another exciting level of education with no monetary cost to their families.