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Communities all over the United States struggle to cope with the rising tide of premature deaths in our society.  The death rate of our young adults and children under the age of twenty five (25) is astonishingly high in the America.  Unfortunately, government simply can’t answer all of the questions nor meet all the challenges.  Federal, state, and local governments all grapple with the remarkably high incidences of deaths among young adults and children with limited resources and, in many cases, outdated methodologies.  Without a doubt, there remain unanswered questions and a lack of quality programs that hold the key to reducing these deaths.

The Bridging the Gaps Initiative seeks to directly affront this rising tide in youth deaths.  This undertaking is specifically targeted at preserving the lives of the next generation through engaging in efforts to reduce all forms of child maltreatment but especially child abuse and neglect fatalities.

As well, we work to understand and combat youth runaway and homelessness, drug abuse (opioids, synthetics, etc.), child sex trafficking, and gun violence.  Through research, innovative policy and program development and outreach, we aim to discover and provide the missing pieces on our pathway to saving our youth.

Every day, at least four to eight children die of child abuse and neglect in the United States of America.  These children come from various walks of life and range in age from newborn infant to eighteen.  Some of these children are known to the current child protective services systems in our country, but many of them are not.